Company Policies

Quality Policy

Fairdeal Windows Limited (the ‘Organisation’) aims to provide defect free goods and services to its customers on time and within budget.

The Organisation operates a Quality Management System that has gained BS EN ISO 9001 : 2015 certification, including aspects specific to the supply and installation of windows, doors and conservatories.

The management is committed to:

  1. Develop and improve the Quality Management System
  2. Continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System
  3. The enhancement of customer satisfaction

The management has a continuing commitment to:

  1. Ensure that customer needs and expectations are determined and fulfilled with the aim of achieving customer satisfaction
  2. Communicate throughout the Organisation the importance of meeting customer needs and legal requirements
  3. Establish the Quality Policy and its objectives
  4. Ensure that the management review meeting sets and reviews the quality objectives, and reports on the Internal audit results as a means of monitoring and measuring the processes and the effectiveness of the Quality Management System
  5. Ensure the availability of resources

The structure of the Quality Management System is defined in this Quality Manual.

All personnel understand the requirements of this Quality Policy and abide with the contents of the Quality Manual.

The Organisation complies with all English and EU legislation and regulations specifically related to its business activities.

The Organisation constantly monitors its quality performance and implements improvements when appropriate.

This Quality Policy is regularly reviewed in order to ensure its continuing suitability.

Copies of the Quality Policy are made available to all members of staff. Copies of the minutes of Management Review meetings, or extracts thereof, are provided to individual members of staff in accordance with their role and responsibilities as a means of communicating the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

Fairdeal Windows Environmental Policy

We are committed to providing a quality service in a manner that ensures a safe and healthy workplace for our employees, minimises our potential impact on the environment and provides our customers with the best environmentally/energy efficient products.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the correct information and access to the best products to make their homes energy efficient and therefore helping them become environmentally responsible.

We will continue to keep ourselves up to date with environmentally friendly products available and promote these to our customers.

We will endeavour to purchase materials and goods locally to reduce transport emissions.

We will educate our employees about environmental issues which effect their work and ensure they work in an environmentally responsible manner.

We will promote efficient use of materials and resources throughout our work including water, electricity, raw materials and other resources particularly those that are non renewable.

We will reduce waste through re-use and recycling and by purchasing recycled or recyclable products and materials. Our waste containers are transported to a recycling facility, where the contents are segregated into waste types (plastic, glass, etc) and as much waste as possible enters the recycling process. Wherever possible, we look to recycle usable equipment by sourcing community and charitable projects which can benefit from support.